Google is not a doctor, and apps won't get you pregnant...

I was only a few months into my journey when I was talking to pregnant friend of a friend who told me they got pregnant by using an app.  Now, I consider myself a relatively smart person; I have my masters and beyond.  But the tiny part of hope that was hiding inside of me, immediately downloaded said app., and began down a relatively moronic road.

These apps are perfect for the woman with a perfect cycle.  They “predict” your peak ovulation days based off of your last cycle.  But the reality of this world is that more women are irregular than regular, and if you’re relying on an app to tell you when to have sex… well, are you kidding?


On that note, google should not be relied upon as your primary care physician.  One afternoon I was experiencing lower back pain and decided to consult Dr. Google.  Dr. Google let me know I was pregnant, dying, losing my hair, and constipated.  It was so refreshing to finally get a diagnosis from a doctor!  Dr. Google is also so kind to tell you exactly what you want to hear.  If you type in “boob pain sign of early pregnancy”, you will be greeted with thousands of pages filled with stories from women who experienced some type of pain in their boobs, who were also pregnant, and that automatically implants a seed of hope.  Because if these thousands of other women were experiencing boob pain when they got pregnant, it obviously means I am too!


Additionally, we were told to steer clear of lubricant when trying to conceive.  After consulting with my favorite doctor (no offense dad), google instantly convinced me to purchase a pregnancy friendly lube.  Even more than that, so many women got pregnant and claimed it was all due to this magical, miracle lube!  If it worked for them, it will work for me.  I immediately ordered a case (thank you amazon prime).


Tip: You’re a smart woman.  But it’s so easy to become essentially blinded by your hope that you lose all sensibility. It’s hard not to.  This is something that you want so badly, that you’re willing to eat up every single thing that is fed to you.  But, remember how wise you are, and how smart you really are.  Google, apps, and magical lube aren’t going to get you pregnant - and we both know that - so don’t lose sense of yourself.  After I deleted the app from my phone and tossed the lube to the curb, I regained my wits about me (but, I’ll admit, I still rely on google).