Family & friends are the bra you need...


My friends, though unable to empathize with my journey (thank god for that), have been nothing short of amazing.  Coming home to random bouquets of flowers after a retrieval or a transfer, having a shoulder to cry on, or a girls’ night to make me laugh, really made me feel so cared for.  Endless phone calls of listening to my saga and I’m sure pathetically boring statistics of failure, never went unnoticed and for that, I am so lucky and thankful.


Tip: I fully recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as I am when it comes to being surrounded by such an amazing support system.  But hiding under your blankets, wrapped in tissues and covered in snot is not something you should endure on your own.  This journey is hard enough by itself, but facing the music alone makes it that much more unbearable.  Tap into your resources and surround yourself with those who you know will build you up and make your journey easier to face, because after all, a good bra is a girl’s best friend.

I have an amazing family: two extremely loving parents and three incredibly inspiring triplet brothers.  Some may call our dynamic unique, but I consider it special.  The six of us were a team, and though things were far from perfect, as we’re aging, we realize how lucky we really are.  A few years ago I married my college sweetheart.  And by college sweetheart I mean my booty call for two years; who upon graduating college, decided he really did like me, and we began a long distance relationship.  He packed his bags and moved cross country to explore what  our relationship was, and six long years later, we were married.  My husband is literally my opposing force.  I am, since a young age, the eternal pessimist (although I like to refer to myself as a realist), and he is my fresh glass of optimism Though that makes me so frustrated half the time to the point where I want to punch him in the face (in a loving way), I would not be where I am today in terms of strength if it weren’t for him.  Just recently, my brothers began getting married, and my family dynamic of the perfect six, quickly became one of ten.  Ten of the most different people, but none of whom I would trade in for the world - I considered myself lucky before, but now I feel like I hit the family jackpot.  Having grown up with three crazy brothers, I now have three thoughtful, supportive sisters.  Family is everything to me; and perhaps that’s is a large factor in this fertility fright: I want a family of my own. FffFfFfff!