tis the season to be thankful... and yet while thankful for all I have in my life, I'm still aboard this pregnancy journey. With my numbers slowly increasing (often a sign of trouble), I was prepared for the worst when we had an ultrasound on Monday. I really was prepared, until we heard a healthy heartbeat. In all of our other pregnancies, we had never made it this far - and this was not at all something I was prepared for, and something I continue to struggle to process. It was surreal; the most insane sound I'd ever heard, and I was rattled to my core. But to spare you the details, things continue to occur physically that let me know in my heart, this pregnancy is not healthy. We have our next ultrasound on Saturday... but until then... I'm spending tonight with my closest friends from high school and their husbands, and hosting will be a great distraction for me. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, the two of us (dog included) intend fully on staying in PJs all day, enjoying time just us - as my family is in a zika zone and his we will be flying to see for christmas in a few weeks. Though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I look forward to some quiet time, just us, starting our own new traditions. Until next time... stfu xx

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