Welcome aboard...

Who am I? I am not a doctor, not a therapist, not a know-it-all.  I’m just someone who has been on a tumultuous, heart-breaking roller coaster for two years.  I’ve had four miscarriages, did four rounds of IUI, two rounds of IVF, and have injected my stomach and ass with collectively over 150 needles, and that doesn’t include the acupuncture needles.     


shut the fertility up

My ultimate goal here is to shed some light and perhaps some laughs on to what can be a very dark and painful journey.  If I can reach a girl who is struggling to become a mother halfway across the country and make her laugh or even better, make her realize she is not alone, then my goal has been achieved… because laughter really is the best medicine.


Again, not an expert, but I know enough to give you some advice on how to cope, because hell, I’m still breathing.  Whether you’re reading this because you’re obliged because you’re family or a best friend, or because you randomly searched Dr. Google for some advice, I hope that my journey can bring light to an otherwise very daunting situation. My journey has not yet reached its happy ending, but in one way or another, I’m confident that it will… so please stay tuned.


The f word is a dirty one (not the one you’re thinking of… fertility); and it’s dirty because it is still so taboo, and I want to shed some light on it.  This doesn’t make me an expert on fertility, but it does make me a part of a very large community, where you can feel so small.  My journey is exactly that, mine.  It is no better or no worse than those innumerable women who face fertility struggles.  Of great importance is to not compare yourself to others, but to recognize that each woman is different.  Our bodies are incredible machines (although they disappoint from time to time), and they must be perceived as unique.  So for everyone who thinks that they are in a position to compare your fertility journey with theirs, or their friend’s cousin’s husband’s sister’s… tell them to STF(fertility)U.

*stfu would love to hear your journey: shutthefertilityup@gmail.com*